Snow Day Gaming: MHW

It’s a snow day in wales and what’s better than going out and freezing your tits off? Okay probably everything that isn’t that but especially playing Monster Hunter World on the PlayStation. Am I right?

Monster hunter world wasn’t a game I was going to get if I’m honest, it didn’t appeal to me and as someone who has never played final fantasy I just thought “what’s the point, I haven’t played other games of a similar genre” & as I was questioning myself I decided not to get it until a week later when I saw practically everyone customising their characters and palicos and just having an awesome time hunting. I caved, went with the hype and got it anyway…

…& I’m so glad I did because holy wow I love it and although it can be a grind at times it’s so fun to play with other people in different setting to any other multiplayer game I know. That and the event quests are amazing, speaking of which the second quest of the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration kicked off yesterday. Yay (does a happy dance). The first Horizon Zero Dawn quest was for the palico armour set which made you look like a watcher but cuter and the armour stats aren’t too bad either, although my favourite feature of this armour is that the eye turns red in combat just like the watchers in Horizon, I mean how cool is that?! Admittedly the quest itself was pretty boring and repetitive but the reward was worth it.

The second quest is called ‘The proving’, which of course is the same quest Aloy herself does to test her skills and initially start her on her journey. The event quest is on from now until the 15th of March and the objective is to hunt an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest, however there is a twist, this Ajanath is huge! & rather more difficult to kill so I can understand the higher level now. Even though this quest is better than the last I’m still more excited for Aloy’s armor and signature bow at the end of it all.

Side notes:

• The watcher lens’ that you got from the last quest ‘lessons of the wild’, can be used for this one.

• Full armor sets will replace other clothing/armor sets

• The armor can be upgraded and like the palico armor, it has its own stats, which is pretty neat.

• Collab quests will return on a cycle according to capcom so don’t feel like your missing out if you can’t play it right away or if you missed the last quest.

• Supposedly if you equip the Aloy armor it will change your appearance to look like her whether you are a girl or a guy.

Hope you enjoyed this post and it was somewhat informational about the event. I’m also going to try out a ‘Gaming Thursdays’ thing, so every Thursday there will be a post about something gaming orientated, hopefully this helps with scheduling.

Thank you for reading!



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