15 things to do in 2018

2018 has started off a bit bumpy with it’s ups and downs however I’m determined to be more outgoing and do things with my family more than I have done and not let my anxiety or depression define who I am.

So in doing this I’ve made a bucket list for 2018 filled with all the things I wish to do.

1. See a West End musical.

When I was a kid I used to love the theatre and would see musicals and pantomimes all the time with family or school, so as you can imagine seeing a west end musical is my dream. Definitely a date night idea though as the west end musicals I want to see aren’t suitable for my daughter, however I would love to take her to see a musical when she’s a bit older because I know she would love the singing and dancing and general show of it all.

2. Go to a festival.

Now I don’t really know if this will definitely happen this year but I really want it to, I’ve never been to a festival and it would be amazing to get to experience that.

3. Go Comic Con London.

Wanted to do this for years and I’m just going to take the swing this year and do it, I might even dress my daughter up as a character or do a family cosplay thing? I’m not sure but it does sound awesome, I was thinking maybe boo from monsters inc or bonnie from toy story.

4. Quad Biking.

Another couples activity I’d love to do, I’m too scared to drive a car but going around a muddy course on a quad bike sounds amazing.

5. Take Seren to the zoo (Folly Farm/Welsh Mountain Zoo).

She loves her animals and I thought a petting zoo would be a great birthday present this year instead of giving her more of what she already has.

6. Go Snowdonia.

I went with my Grandad a long time ago and would love to relive those moments with my new little family, besides we never got to ride the train to the top before and that’s a goal of mine to do.

7. Go to the london the museums.

I’ve been to london so many times but I’ve never taken the chance to go to any of the museums and again inspired by my grandad he always wanted me to enjoy and to learn as much as I can.

8. Castle Coch.

I’ve taken my partner and child to see cardiff castle and Caerphilly castle but never castle coch so that ones next on the list. I’m hoping by the time I’m 30 I will have visited all of wales’ many castles.

9. Sea life london aquarium.

Again my little one, Seren, loves animals and fish in particular, so come summer time this will be another one off my checklist.

10. Saint Aymes.

If you have heard of this little secret cafe in london, then you need to go and check it out. They make the cutest little drinks and snacks and I’m in love with the pastel aesthetic of the place.

11. Caravanning.

This is something I’ve wanted to do again since doing it for the first time 3 years ago, the only difference is that I now have a small child to enjoy it with which makes me even more thrilled to do it.

12. Spa day at Lush.

Yaaaass, this is something I’ve wanted to do with my bestie since summer last year so this year it HAS to be done.

13. Royal botanical gardens in Kew.

This is an ultimate dream and I only found out this beautiful heavenly place existed last spring, it’s filled with wildlife and it’s just so amazing, can’t wait to visit and explore and take a tonne of pictures.

14. Shreks Adventure in London.

It’s been on my mind to do for such a while but I’ve been so stressy and anxious about using the public transport and the underground that I’ve backed out every time, but not anymore, next time I’m in london I’m taking my baby to see it.

15. Dye my hair a wacky colour.

This last goal is actually one I have already completed and was one of my first goals of 2018 to help me get out of my nutshell a little and be the exciting spontaneous person I know I can be.

Hope you enjoyed reading my 2018 goals and that it maybe gives you some ideas of what to do in 2018.



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