2018 June Goals Review

You know how back at the beginning of the month I did a ‘June Goals’ post in a huge list of what I felt like I needed to get done well here’s the review.

So I’ve reached 1000 and surpassed that number on twitter and as much as numbers don’t count etc, it still means so much to me that so many people follow and are interested in what I put out. Which btw is huge to just have 1 person listen and occasionally talk back, I’m too grateful for this.

I haven’t managed to get to 2000 on Instagram or 100 here on the blog but that’s okay, I’m growing and I’m new and I’m just so thankful for those that are here already, this will just be a goal to carry on for July.

Unfortunately the amount of posts I’m putting out on Instagram have slipped a bit but it’s temporary, I’m having a few issues with motivation and ideas, but I’m getting there, ya’ll just have to be patient and I have to give myself some time.

FYI A break is good, & to those that stress themselves out trying to put stuff out there constantly, no-one is going to judge you for taking a few days break to clear your mind.

I’ve seemingly kept up with my daily twitter posts and 2 blog posts a month, I needed to keep it as realistic as possible for it to be achievable.

The bunny home that I’ve planned to do for a few months is finally finished (pretty much) I just need to paint the outside and add flooring as well as a toilet area. A lot more has been done than I thought would ever get done this month so I’m so thankful to my partner and father for helping me get this far with it

My office is done, it only took me since Christmas to get it done but it’s done! Well almost all I’ve left to do is buy the chair and shelving and coordinate the flower wall as I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet.

All in all I’m pretty proud of what I’ve managed to get done and what I’m close to getting done.

I will carry these on to next months Goals and hopefully I can keep up the progress.



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