The Fairy Wish written by Luis Weston (Book Adventure Review)

Disclaimer: I was sent this book in return for an honest review therefore all opinions are my own.

So I was asked to review and take part in the childrens book, ‘The Fairy Wish‘ by Luis Weston, who is a parent blogger over at ‘Single Daddy Daycare‘.
This is the second book by luis weston, the first is called ‘The Rainbow Gnome‘.
Both of which have 5 star reviews on Amazon!


Have you ever wished for something to come true? Well, just like you, Connie had a wish to become a real life fairy! Did it come true? Or was it just a dream?


This book is magical in every way! It not only sends out a beautiful message that ‘dreams can come true’, but it also has a hidden message inside the book which is a part of the quest to find the password and start the next step for a rock painting competition!

Me and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed this book, the story line is short and sweet, it had the most beautiful illustrations and it rhymed so well, the perfect bedtime story! & the activities to follow were so much fun for all the family!

As per the instructions we found a nice spot to place our rocks in our little welsh town, now we are waiting for them to be found by others and wondering where they’ll end up.

This isn’t just a book but an adventure and something to get your kids out and about and its a lovely concept, I hope for more books just like this! & I love that it features a facebook page which involves more outdoorsy fun and competitions! Thank you Luis Weston for this opportunity!


The Author:

Luis Weston initially established himself as a single parent blogger on his Singledaddydaycare page; writing about single parenting, co-parenting and dating among other things, before going on to write The Rainbow Gnome. Born in 1983 in Kent, UK. Luis spent his childhood years there and was successfully educated, before moving to the North West in his early 20’s where he is now settled as a single father to his two children. He is a strong advocate for co-parenting, having joint parental responsibilities of his children. As well as working full time, he enjoys writing, blogging, playing tennis and exploring new places.

Luis Weston’s Social Links


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