39 Desserts – A Blogger Event

On Tuesday the 10th of July I was invited to a bloggers event at 3 queen street in Cardiff celebrating their opening and establishment in the city for 5 months.

Needless to say i’m absolutely amazed by this place, I admit I went in thinking KASPA’s as that’s the only other dessert place I can think of but this place blows it out of the water entirely!

As part of the event, everyone who attended was able to pick a few items from the amazingly gorgeous menu to try.

I chose the matcha green tea with the kinder bueno cookie dough and a nutella chocolate shot & my other half chose the white italian cream shake followed with the belgian white chocolate waffle and belgian white chocolate shot.

I had never tried a matcha green tea before, I mean I’ve tried matcha ice cream and chocolates and other things of the kind but never green tea and obviously I loved it, it’s different, way different than anything you’d see in a dessert place.

The kinder bueno cookie dough which I had thinking it was going to be small was in fact massive! I could in no way fit this in my body and it greatly upset me. But OMG was it tasty! I usually find I go to dessert places and the desserts are just overly rich and sugary and there isn’t much else to it be these were so tasty! Every flavour was amazingly melt in the mouth and it wasn’t too rich which I loved!

Now onto the chocolate shots! These I had high hopes for and thought the concept of them was amazing! However it didn’t live up to these expectations, if it was a little more like a liquid and better at pouring into the mouth that would have been perfect! Don’t get me wrong I still drank/ate them as they were lush! Just needed to be more ‘drinkable’.

The second I mentioned that I was invited to this event, Terrys eyeballs lit up like a pinball machine, he was thrilled to be apart of something that had food, his main concern was ‘could he fit it all in’, haha. Terry ordered an all white platter which is his favourite kind of chocolate although the combined ‘white chocolate goodness’ had beaten him, he couldn’t eat it all.

He loved the waffle and the shake but said they were just too much to have together and that he should have probably got a soft drink as the shake was much more of an ice cream due to the thickness of it. The flavour was there and the presentation was there but he just felt a bit sick after (which tbh I think was his fault for his over consumption of white chocolate haha), the only thing he said he’s sad about is that he was too full to fit in one of their immaculate sundaes.
Despite him over doing it on white chocolate he loved the food and gives a 5/5 saying he’d go again for a date out, lucky me!

Now apart from the food which is obviously second to none, I’d love to say a few words about the venue itself.

When I first walked in I thought oh, this is quite small, like how are all these influencers going to fit in here, BUT, there’s a downstairs. Which is a relatively good size, the only downside to this place is that to get downstairs you have to use steps so wheelchairs and buggy’s are out of the question and if you do manage to get a seat upstairs or even downstairs then those with small children who need a high chair are going to have to brawl over the very few they have.

I would say due to the decor and setting of the place it’s much more of a grown up dessert place, perfect for couples nights out and anyone above the age of 8. Overall it’s a beautiful place and if you don’t want to dine in for whatever reason there is the option to take away.

And if you do decide to join in on the fun and go to 39 desserts cafe in Cardiff then use the hashtag #39desserts and be sure to tag me so I can see too!


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