January/February Wrap Up

– Hello 2019 –

Hello & Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, wherever you are in the world. I’ve been a bit vacant lately, specifically since November-ish last year. I’ve not been coping so well since Christmas and my mental state has crashed slightly among other things going on so here’s a little recap of my year so far.

  • Mental Breakdown…
    So i’ve started it off with a bit of a bombshell, I didn’t have the greatest end to 2018 or the best beginning to 2019. I was going through a shitstorm of different emotions and thoughts and since my grandad’s passing a few years ago, which makes every Christmas a bit of a struggle, to which I don’t think it gets any easier. From November last year to January I was just feeling mentally done with life and physically ill. Having depression and anxiety isn’t just a mental fight all the time but a  physical one, fighting off illness after illness, coughs, colds, tonsillitis and various other bugs, it honestly just drained me and made me a very horrible person to be around, I was very quick to judge and easily angered and everything was frustrating me, but all that stress just made me sleep constantly, so that was fun. Luckily I have an amazing friend, boyfriend & daughter who helped me get past the brunt of it and calm me down as well as lift my spirits up enough to feel better. If you feel like the world is crashing down and you’ve got no where to go, please talk to someone & if you’d prefer, you can always talk to me, I won’t judge just listen, I can’t promise that it’ll magic away all your problems and worries but it will feel better. I would hate anyone feeling upset or even slightly negative about their own life.

  • My daughter started speech therapy…
    Nothing major, It’s just a little something to help improve her speech and stop her gurgles and murmurs. Her first speech therapy meeting was just a little introduction to see how her understanding and development was going. Just played a little matching game and the woman asked various questions like “where’s the little boy with the red hat” and Seren had to point to the specific card with that description. From that we could all tell her understanding was on point as she was so good at it, although I’m starting to wonder if she’s got a little something else going on as she’s very particular in making sure things match and are categorized correctly and neatly, she can get quite frustrated if, for example, I mixed up her toys in her boxes or moved toys around. I don’t know if this is normal behaviour for a toddler, so if you are reading this and you have kids or know anything, leave a comment with your thoughts.

  • Potty training a toddler…
    So I started potty training Seren in her week off from school and to my surprise that was all it took!
    We did a no nappy/diaper week from the very second she broke up from school and by the next monday she was weeing and pooping on the toilet like a big girl. Could a mummy be any prouder?!
    She wet the bed twice in the first night but I’ve seen no accidents since, she does it all by herself now, no help at all unless she runs out of toilet paper,  no more spending half my budget on nappies, wipes and creams.

  • Finally started decorating my home…
    First to be painted was the office, I ended up painting it a sky blue although it was meant to be a mint green originally but I bought the wrong paint, so it might get a re-paint pretty soon. Other than that I’ve just got some shelving to put up and I need to buy some Alex drawers from Ikea for all my crafting & makeup bits. I also want to put up a fake flower wall but a little unsure of it just yet. The next room to be painted was the living room, I decided to go for a sunset/cottage looking living room although the colours came out darker than expected so now I’m not sure what I’m doing with it all but I’m liking how in the moment I’m being with it all, I’ve not really had a plan this whole time and I’m okay with that. I hope to get the whole downstairs & the bathroom decorated by the end of 2019.

  • Saw Bec Bec…
    7th of February is the day my bestie and her partner came over from London and it was the best few days of this year so far, we started off with having a chilled night in watching finding nemo with snacks. Which I fell asleep during the latter half because I was knackered in anticipation of them coming over haha. The second day included going to the National History museum in Cardiff which was amazing for a free day out although it swarmed with small children so getting through it was slow but it meant we could take our time and honestly it made me miss my little one who was at home with nanny that day. The following day we went to Saint Fagans, which is a little old village in south wales and it was beautiful and amazingly still in working order. Day 3 we went to Castle Coch also known as the red castle which I think is one of the only castle’s in the UK to be decorated as it was in the medieval times & it truly is stunning however they were doing some work on it when we went and there were a few places cut off from the public which was a little disappointing but never the less an amazing visit. Later that day we went to Cefn Mably which is a cute little community farm with plenty of things to do and animals to see. They provide feed for the animals and a little pony ride as well as some diggers for the younger ones to use and an indoor soft play which they’ve recently expanded, I’d say its a miniature folly farm if you’ve ever been there.

  • Puppies!
    On the 19th of February some cute little Shepweiler puppies were born! There are 6 boys and1 girl including 2 that are completely white which was a little bit of a surprise and they have such cute and playful little personalities although its super difficult to not get attached to them. They do however need loving homes by the 16th of April as we unfortunately cannot afford to keep them all, so if you know anyone looking for a puppy/dog to love then do get in touch and I can give you some more details and images of them all.

  • Disney Wisdom…
    Disney wisdom is a new Disney collection which features a rainbow of different Disney quotes which release each month, this collection includes a plush, t-shirt, mug, pin set & a notebook of that months particular theme. January’s release was Dumbo and Timothy, February was Mulan and Mushu & this months release is The Jungle Book with Baloo.

  • My computer needed to go for repair…
    so unfortunately I’ve been having issues with my computer since it was bought back in summer last year and so I’ve had to take it back to the manufacturer to have it fixed, I’m hoping that now I’ve got it back it works and I can use it like I need to without it crashing and completely giving up on me.  This has been the main reason for me not blogging as there’s been no-where for me to blog comfortably and using my phone is out of question as I can’t layout my posts as I’d want to on there. Fingers crossed it stays as is and doesn’t revert back to its old ways otherwise I’m going to have to get rid of this one and find another that I can use.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, there’s plenty more in mind for this year, I can certainly see 2019 being the year for me and my blogging.  ❤

Take Care,

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