Time to myself…

It’s always important to take time to yourself no matter who you are or what you do, alone time is a way of healing.

My favourite way of spending some alone time to relax is a midnight bath, as soon as the child is relaxed and in deep sleep which is usually at midnight (anyone else have to fight their child hours after bedtime to get them to go sleep and stay in their bed?) I run the faucet, put some bubbles in, light the candles, put some Ed Sheeran on and get in. & I’ll sit there with just the candle light until almost all the bubbles are gone, because oh my the lack of noise and screaming and nagging is perfect after a day of getting my brain frazzled.

Anyone else have their perfect way of winding down for the night? Or a relaxing technique? Or do you do the same as me and wrinkle in the bathtub at midnight? 😂

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