Another year on…

Hi, hello, it’s lovely to see you again or if you are new here and reading for the first time then hello and welcome to my blog, oh and happy new year!

It’s been a hot minute since I sat down to write a blog post and in the time I’ve spent away it’s got me thinking about how much I miss it so starting now (January 3rd) I will be making a blogging comeback. I’ve had a year on and off and it’s all because I want to write but i’m such a perfectionist that I never finish writing a post or feel happy enough to post it and i’m refusing to do that to myself anymore, so regardless what a post turns out like i’m going to publish it and I hope to post at least once a month no matter what it is. I’ve got to stop telling myself that I can’t or won’t do something because negativity isn’t the way forward, this year for me is self care/healing/motivation and gratitude and one of the ways to do that is to believe in myself, starting with my blog.

Blogging makes me happy & I may not be one of those ‘big shot’ bloggers & I don’t have the budget for a paid blog and amazing graphics etc, but it doesn’t matter because the content is the blog and no-one else can make that but me whether people see that or not.
This blog I started for me and my mental health and I should continue to write for me as if no-one is reading because that’s what an honest blog is all about (isn’t it?). For a little while I forgot about that. Nowadays people are obsessed with numbers whether that be money, views, clicks, subs, follows or whatever else. Blogging and any passion should only ever be for you, & if it makes YOU happy then i’m sure it will make others happy too.

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