A decade gone by…

2010 – Final school year & start of college studying Forensics.

2011 – Lost a friend, changed colleges, spent some time in Manchester, generally just tried to figure myself out.

2012 – Still needed some time to figure myself out, changed colleges yet again and this time started studying animal care and agriculture, turned 18, went to Disney World, got a little more outgoing.

2013 – Still not having a clue what i’m doing, I left college, started looking for a job, started volunteering, visited London for the first time, started becoming a little more independent.

2014 – Met the love of my life and my second family, went on holiday with my S.O, I got my first job, met a lifelong friend, found two little guinea pig buddies.

2015 – expecting our first child, left London and moved back to wales, got my first car despite not being able to drive, saw Ed Sheeran live, saw Dodie live, went to m&m world, went to lush oxford street, explored inner London properly for the first time, went to a wedding.

2016 – moved into our house, spent 3 months decorating and making that house a home, gave birth to my daughter, went from doctor to doctor, went counselling, started taking anti-depressants, lost a very close family member.

2017 – Had a miscarriage, my mental health went plummeting down a steep slope, Seren had her first birthday party, Seren had her first Easter egg hunt, traveled to and from London multiple times, I started being an Instagram blogger, I landscaped my garden, Seren got a pet bunny, went to Harry Potter studios, we got a little puppy (who isn’t so little anymore).

2018 – Got into writing more, started my blog, had numerous blogging events that I went to, dyed my hair purple, got more into makeup, Seren and Nala had their first snow day.

2019 – the bestie came to visit, I became affiliate, went to Disney on ice, Seren started school, my garden became a wonderland, decorated the living room, I held a duck for the first time, went pumpkin picking for the first time, spent Christmas at home for the first time.

2020 – A new decade begins…

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