Tuesday Talks – Quarantine: week 6

I can’t believe we’ve been self isolating for 6 weeks now, It’s gone by so slow and caused a huge amount of mental strain but we are getting through this, and it won’t last forever.
Life before this lockdown wasn’t all that different for me to be honest, I didn’t leave the house much and things were all done relatively similar, but for some reason, being stuck in this lockdown has caused my anxiety to sky rocket & I’m pretty clueless as to why. All I can think of is that my weekly out and about has been cut, so that’s putting me in a pretty bad place, I can’t go for the occasional walk, or visit a garden center or take my daughter out, or order the necessary bits to do my crafts and at home redecorating, & due to redecorating bits here and there I have a tonne of random bits that need to go to the dump just piling up, to be honest things are getting a little out of hand and I’m trying to make do the best I can.

I’m finding self isolation a bit dull (like I’m sure everyone does) and my motivation has dropped significantly. I keep getting the urge to do something but then it’s almost like the thought of it tires me out and I almost never complete the task that I set myself.

Despite the negatives, there are a tonne of positives to this breakout and isolation, myself, Seren and Terry have all had a go in the garden, we’ve planted seedlings, flowers, painted the mud kitchen & tried to make it a little more friendly and tidy out in the garden which has made us all happier in doing. My gratitude goes out to those who are still working at this time, especially those in the NHS who are dealing with the virus first hand and even to those who are staying at home and lessening the spread, hearing the 8 o’clock cheering for the NHS and seeing the rainbows in the windows when we go for a drive and even the RAOK (random acts of kindness) that people are doing all over social media, these things are what is giving me faith at this time and it makes me so happy so know that people do care and that no matter how bad it gets or how run down we feel, there is always someone there to pick us up.

I really hope you are all looking after yourselves and are taking this time to really think about what you have and all the good in the world rather than the negatives. Stay safe and we’ll get through this together.

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