Meet the Writer…

Me, myself & I.

Hi, I’m Paige, a 20-something year old small welsh girl from the valleys. (S.Wales)
I live with my partner Terry, my daughter Seren, my German Shepherd Nala & my rabbit Bun Bun.
The year my daughter was born (2016) I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and severe depression, so as a coping mechanism and help me feel better I took up blogging in late 2017. I have been driven ever since to not let my mental health control me from doing what I love.
My passions other than blogging are reading, gaming, crafting, thrifting & binge watching tv shows.

The blog.

Meaning behind the name: CookiezMeltdown was something I came up with in 2004 when I got my first xbox and I needed a username, it was the first thing that popped into my head and its perfect as I love my food but I’m also one for having my share of ‘meltdowns’, I’ve used this throughout the years for many different log ins so it makes sense to keep using it.
I write about lifestyle & mummy bits, a few beauty bits, a few gaming bits, a few Disney bits and a few bits more.
I’ve kept on blogging because it gives me a sense of completion and achievement, & it gives me a smile to know I’ve done something i’m proud of, & if someone else can relate or enjoy my posts then that’s an added bonus.

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