Time to myself…

It’s always important to take time to yourself no matter who you are or what you do, alone time is a way of healing. My favourite way of spending some alone time to relax is a midnight bath, as soon as the child is relaxed and in deep sleep which is usually at midnight (anyone […]

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15 things to do in 2018

2018 has started off a bit bumpy with it’s ups and downs however I’m determined to be more outgoing and do things with my family more than I have done and not let my anxiety or depression define who I am. So in doing this I’ve made a bucket list for 2018 filled with all […]

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New Year, Same Me.

2018 to me is all about self improvement, improving my mental health, improving my physical health & doing more within my family life. So a lot of people go through their new year thinking ‘I’m going to do something different, something new, something better’ but why can’t you stay being you and try to improve […]

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TAGoween #5: The Spooky Halloween Tag!

It’s TAGoween day #5 & it’s the 30 Question Spoopy Oopy Halloween Tag! oooOOOOooOOOooh 👻 I found this tag via this wonderful blog ‘Vicky Elizabeth|Fragola Franchise’. I’ve been looking forward to this tag the most, It makes me so excited for Halloween and all it’s scary glory. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song? Thriller by Michael Jackson. […]

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TAGoween #4: The Disney Tag

This is the 4th day of TAGoween & this time it’s a little less spooky and a little more covered in fairy dust and magic. I found this tag via the blog ‘Out of Tea bags’, which by the way is a lovely blog, very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. ♥ Favourite scene in a princess […]

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TAGoween #3: The Autumn Tag!

It’s Day #3 of TAGoween & today it’s all about the Autumn season! I found this tag via Shelby & her blog ‘true bliss’ This is 100% my most favorite season of them all, I’m such a winter/Autumn baby, so happy that Summer is gone and I can enjoy the pretty colour changing autumn leaves […]

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