Time to myself…

It’s always important to take time to yourself no matter who you are or what you do, alone time is a way of healing. My favourite way of spending some alone time to relax is a midnight bath, as soon as the child is relaxed and in deep sleep which is usually at midnight (anyone […]

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2018 June Goals Review

You know how back at the beginning of the month I did a ‘June Goals’ post in a huge list of what I felt like I needed to get done well here’s the review. So I’ve reached 1000 and surpassed that number on twitter and as much as numbers don’t count etc, it still means […]

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June Goals 2018

So I’m sure everyone has a to do list or a date to have things done by? I do too! & I’ve been doing well to stick to these, it’s mostly leisurely things as I’m trying to focus more on my well being and keeping busy and staying happy is part of that, & then […]

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Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Megan for this nomination! I’m thrilled that you enjoy my posts enough to nominate me, I’m overjoyed at just getting recognised in the blogging community. What is the Liebster Award? “Bloggers are a funny bunch. We read a lot, write a ton, scour the web for new content to consume, […]

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15 things to do in 2018

2018 has started off a bit bumpy with it’s ups and downs however I’m determined to be more outgoing and do things with my family more than I have done and not let my anxiety or depression define who I am. So in doing this I’ve made a bucket list for 2018 filled with all […]

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New Year, Same Me.

2018 to me is all about self improvement, improving my mental health, improving my physical health & doing more within my family life. So a lot of people go through their new year thinking ‘I’m going to do something different, something new, something better’ but why can’t you stay being you and try to improve […]

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Christmas Wishlist 2017

Omgosh! There’s 24 days until Christmas! (& only 9 days until my birthday!) So to kick start December I thought i’d post some wishlists & giftlists. Here’s the first one, which is my top 9 wishlist items & the majority of items are ones I’ve wanted for quite a long time to go in my […]

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An Autumn Stroll 🍂

First time getting out & going for a walk in quite a while, maybe been about 4 months? (Idon’t mean, going doctors or going shopping or doing mandatory things but activity wise) & I haven’t been out of the house at all since Friday. So getting out today was a huge deal that gave me […]

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TAGoween #6: The Fall Tag!

It’s been a few days since I did TAGoween day 5, so I do apologise for the break but I’m back now & here is day 6 with the Fall tag! This tag was found via the blog “Sheets & Shenanigans”. What’s your favourite fall outfit? I’m definitely one to love my typical jumper and jeans […]

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